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Yeti - The best app to control your Osram Lightify Lights and Plugs

Luis Pinto, Head of Content

Yeti is a mobile app available for Android and iOS that allows users to control their smart home from a single interface. Stop switching between apps to control your home. Osram Lightify plugs and lights are our last integration in the supported brand list.

Here at Yeti, we are happy to announce our integration with Osram Lightify smart home products. This means that from now on, you will be able to add Osram lights and plugs to your Yeti account with the rest of your smart home devices.

Get the newest version of the app and you will gain access to up to 13 Smart Home brand including Philips Hue, Tp-Link, Wemo, Nest and of course, your Osram Lightify lights and plugs.

One App to control all your Home

With Yeti, you won’t need to jump between applications in your phone, you can control all your smart devices using a single app. So, if you have Osram, Hue, Wemo, Nest, Alexa..., don’t worry, only one app will be necessary.

Yeti Home view with 13 different compatible brands

Breaking News! Yeti newest version now supports Osram Lightify Lights and Plugs! Add your Osram smart devices to the rest of your smart home

Automation and Ambiances

Of course, using Yeti you can create routines to trigger your devices to turn them on/off or change colour or brightness at a certain time or regarding your location.

You only need to go to the routines menu, tap in the + button and select what devices you want to configure. The magic starts here!

But wait, there is more. You can also create charms to set up your ambiences and get the Yeti Alexa skills that will allow you to run your charms with voice commands. Try to set up a charm with any of your Osram Lightify lights and then let Alexa discover the ambiences.

I hope you enjoy Yeti and the endless possibilities it has.

Yeti team :)

Header Image: Bildquelle:@HGEsch, Hennef

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