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Control Wemo with Yeti Smart Home

Jesús Trancoso, Marketing Manager

Wemo is one of the top brands for smart plugs but many of its users are unhappy with the official app; we offer you a solution: Yeti Smart Home. With Yeti you will be able to easily control your Wemo smart plugs and many more smart devices. Keep reading to know how to unlock your smart home full potential.

The best way to control your Wemo is using Yeti, an app to control multiple smart home devices. With Yeti you will be able to create routines to make your home adjust to your everyday needs and charms, which are the best way to create the perfect mood for your home.

Controlling your Wemo with Yeti is very easy:

  1. Make sure your phone and your Wemo are on the same network
  2. Tap on add a device and select Wemo (you can also add the IP manua
  3. Yeti will scan your home and will find your Wemo
  4. If everything went right, you are ready to go :)

Once your device is discovered you can start controlling it. Yeti always uses local control, which is the safest way to control your Wemo.

Premium features for Wemo

With Yeti Premium you can get the most out of your Wemo with Routines, Charms and voice control with Alexa. Learn more about Yeti Premium here.

Routines are the core of the automatization experience of Yeti. You can create routines based on time or on location to control every aspect of your smart home at any time. You can make your Wemo plug to turn off whenever you leave your home, you’ll never have to worry again of forgetting to turn off your radiator.

Yeti is best when you have different devices and Charms are the key feature for that. With charms you can create an action for several devices and you’ll only need one tap to trigger it. For example: you can create a "Good Night" charm and turn off all of your smart home devices with only one tap before going to bed.

You can benefit from our special online discount, upgrade to Yeti premium and start enjoying the best smart home experience for your Wemo.

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