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Control multiple smart lights using a single app - Yeti

Lights, they are the centre of your home and exist in any form, colour and shape possible. Here at Yeti we think highly of lights and with the smart lights developments there has been given a new dimension to lighting up your home. See how we translate that into our app and further developments in this market:

Update Yeti is now compatible with LIFX, Yeelight, Wemo lights, TpLink and Philips Hue

Hey guys, today we have something exciting to tell you and it is about a “bright” future for Yeti!

Here at Yeti we are ambitious. We are striving to support as much smart devices as possible and match the consumers’ needs. This is why we are very proud to say that “Yeti Smart Home Automation” is now one of the apps that supports this many light brands as we do. Including some unique ones.  

According to multiple researches lights are not only one of the most used smart devices but they are also seen as one of the most important in smart homes. Lighting has always been seen as one of the most important aspects of a house, helping you create the ambiance you feel comfortable with or, for what it was primarily used for, to see in the dark. These are some reasons we thought it was important to develop our app in this segment of smart devices.

As said, lights are one of the most important things in a house and are usually the centre of a household. They help you wake up in the morning and get to bed in the evening. With the recent developments of smart devices and also smart lights they even got a bigger role than they already had. The possibilities have become endless and your home suddenly is much more customizable than it has ever been.  A party has never been as good as it is when using smart lights, a romantic dinner has never been as romantic and waking up has never been as easy. And to be honest, they are not only practical but also just... nice. Because let’s be fair, who doesn’t like lights?

Enlighten your home with Yeti. We support many smart lights and won't stop here.

Not only we have noticed the importance in lights and other (big) companies have launched products in the smart light market. Take for example IKEA, the biggest furniture company in the world, has decided to join. By introducing their Tradfri light set they follow the trend of smart lighting and give a out a clear message on how big this market actually is. But there are many options regarding smart lights, with PhilipsHue being one of the most popular. Which takes us to what Yeti supports.

We started by supporting Philips Hue and WeMo smart lights and soon added LifX to our collection and recently also Yeelights is integrated in our app (check the image below). With these four brands we have the biggest lighting brands within our app and can proudly say we are in the top of the Smarthome apps concerning smart lights.

Philips Hue, Lifx, Wemo & Yeelight work with Yeti Smart Home

But, are we done yet? No, not at all! We cannot wait to continue interpreting more and more smart devices including smart lights. The next brands that are on our schedule are Osram and TP-Link and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

If you have any ideas of what brands Yeti should integrate, either lights or other smart devices, don’t be afraid to tell us.

Thanks for reading

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