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The Premium version of Yeti is here

Luis Pinto, Head of Content

Yeti is a free to download smart home app which lets you control your smart home devices with many interesting premium upgrades.

Do you have smart home devices at home? If you do, you’re in the right place. If you arrived here it’s because you probably have more than one smart home brand at your home or you are looking for extra functionalities for your smart home devices.

If you install different smart home devices at home you probably will end up with more than one app in your phone to control all of them. This is due to every brand having its own app to control their devices.

Yeti can help you manage all your smart home devices in your house. You’ll only have to use one app to control them all. Many functionalities and automation are available inside the app. We encourage you to download Yeti and discover them.

You can download Yeti for free:

Get the special price

Subscribe to Yeti Premium through our website and get a special discount.

Once you install Yeti, you can decide if you want to pay to enjoy the premium features we offer or keep using the free features forever.

Supported products

Right now, Yeti is compatible with 13 different brands including:

  • Philips Hue
  • Yeelight
  • Wemo
  • Xiaomi Sensors and Sockets
  • Tp-Link
  • Sonos
  • Nest
  • Sonoff Tasmota
  • LIFX
  • Neatmo
  • ecobee
  • Honeywell
  • Nuki

You can see a list of the supported products here.

Keep reading to discover the big differences between Yeti free and Yeti Premium.

Control your smart home devices with just one app Yeti Smart Home

What are the differences between the Free and Premium version of Yeti?

With the Free version of Yeti you'll be able to control all your smart home devices. WIth the Premium version you can create rules to automate your devices

Free functionalities

  • Use your smartphone as a remote controller for your devices: with Yeti, you can control your smart home devices using a single interface
  • Cloud and Local control: you can decide if you want to use local control or link your smart home brand accounts and enjoy remote control for your smart home devices.
  • Multi-Platform: install Yeti in all your devices, Android smartphones and tables, iPhone, and iPad. There are no limits for your smart home controller.
  • Rooms: organize your devices into rooms/groups to simplify and speed up their access. You can create as many rooms as you want!
  • Support: We’re always willing to help you and improve Yeti. Let us know through the chat available within the app!

Premium Exclusive Features

  • Automate your devices with routines: automate your devices triggering them at a selected time or location and soon via sensors and other conditions.
  • Faster configurations with charms: create setups for your devices and activate them with a single tap.
  • Easier access using widgets: run your charms faster without opening Yeti using the Android and iOS widgets.
  • Control your devices with voice: as a premium user, you have exclusive access to the Yeti Skill for Alexa. Forget about  touching your phone and run your charms using your voice.
  • Manage multiple homes:  if you have more than one automated home, you can add them within Yeti to manage them separately. This comes in handy to have access to all your smart home devices, regardless of which home they are in!
  • Faster customer support: We will answer and solve all your issues in record time. Under 48hrs guaranteed.

* In order to get Yeti Premium you have to download the app and subscribe using the in-app options available

Pricing for Yeti premium version

In case you have any question you can always reach us at hello@netbeast.co or talk to Asun or Elena using the Yeti in-app chat.

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