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Making your home smarter in the UK

Jesús Trancoso, Marketing Manager

Getting started in the Smart Home world can be quite the pain since there is a vast number of different brands, appliances and possibilities. We at Yeti want to help you with this guide.

We know that the idea of turning your house into a Smart Home can be intimidating at first but actually, it is an easy task if you know what gadgets can get the best of the Internet of things for your home.

How to start controlling your home

The first thing you have to think about is how you want to control your devices. You can choose to use a voice assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa, a smartphone app or what we consider the best way to get the most of your smart home: to use both a voice assistant and a smartphone app.

Once you are settled on how you want to control your home, the next step is what you want to control. The most common areas that can make your house smarter are lightning and switches, temperature control, entertainment and security.

We have elaborated a list of the best and most sold gadgets in the UK inside each category.

The best gadgets to start your Smart Home in the UK!

Lightning and switches

The starter pack of a Smart Home consists of smart lights and switches. The main perk of having smart lights is the ability to control them from your phone. You can turn them on/off from anywhere and also adjust the brightness and change light colour. If you combine them with Yeti, you can also create routines to make your home respond to your everyday habits and charms to adjust your house to your mood.

The cool thing about smart switches is that they allow you to control whatever appliance you plug in and also integrate them into your daily routine.

If you want to get into smart lightning the best option in the market is Philips Hue: they are currently the best smart bulbs. You can choose between models with colour or just with white light. They are all compatible with Yeti.

In the smart switches category, the best options are:

Temperature control

The main benefit of having a smart thermostat is that you can control your home temperature anywhere, anytime. They also are a great investment to save money and energy in the long run as we explained in our latest blog post.

The best options are:

-    Nest

-    Honeywell: the latest addition to Yeti.

-    Hive


There are more than smart TVs in the smart entertainment; smart speakers offer total control over the music inside your home. With Yeti and a smart speaker, you can set a routine to make your speaker play soothing music at night and then wake up to the sound of your choice. One of the best smart speakers in the market is the Sonos Play1.


The attractive of smart security is to monitor your home from afar with smart cameras, locks and sensors.

Our recommendations in the visual field are:

-  Nest

-  Netatmo: supported by Yeti

If you want to upgrade your locks you should check

-  Nuki: supported by Yeti

-  Yale

We would love to know if you found this post useful, leave a comment below! And we hope it inspires you to discover the wonders of the Smart Home world!

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