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Helping Yeti find your Yeelight: how to enable LAN control of your Yeelight devices

Luis Pinto, Head of Content

Yeelight lights are smart cheaps lights becoming very famous between smart home owners. However, you need to configure your lights if you want to control them using Yeti. In this blog post, we show all that process.

Some weeks ago Yeelight announced a new version of their official app. It includes a lot of changes including new light interface, effects and a new section for third-party apps.

Yeelight has  a special requirement to enable third-party apps to control their lights. You need to make the lights “discoverable”. Otherwise, they will be invisible and these apps won't be able to find them.

To make the lights discoverable, you need to activate a “LAN Control” option located in the light option menu.

Here’s how:

How to enable the LAN Control option:

1. If you didn’t do so previously, install the Yeelight app and link the lights

First of all, you need to install the Yeelight app and link the Yeelight lightbulbs to the app, following the instructions provided by the app to do so.

Your lights will then appear in the “my devices” section. In my case, I’ve linked a Lightstrip.

Yeelight Lightstrip
Check how to control your Yeelight lights & smarthome devices using Yeti

2. Enabling the LAN Control option

To enable the LAN control and make your lights discoverable by Yeti you need to:

  1. Tap on your light
  2. Tap on the arrow to open a option menu (follow the red circle)
  3. Now select the LAN Control option
  4. Finally, enable the LAN Control by tapping on the switch. It will become green once the LAN control is enabled.
1. Tap on the arrow 2. Select LAN Control 3. Enable LAN Control

3. Scan for your devices with Yeti

Now that you have LAN Control enabled, Yeti will find your Yeelight devices in your network .

You can make Yeti look for your lights easily by selecting the explore for devices option in Yeti’s options menu,

  1. Click on the profile icon
  2. Select the option “Explore for devices”
  3. Yeti will start scanning your network and it will let you know once it has found your lights
1. Open your profile 2. Select Explore for devices 3. Yeti will look for them

What else?

Now Yeti can control your lights, it's time to discover all new possibilities you have. What about creating a routine to wake you up in the morning? Go to the routine menu and create one to turn on your lights at your selected time

Remember you can write us an email to hello@netbeast.co in case you have any question or feedback

Image credits: cruschiform

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